Finally, I turned a year older. Entering the next phase of life, the semi-quarter life crisis stage. Indeed it has been a huge change for me over the year, a totally different me today. Many things have happened and changed which I am still trying to learn and adapt. People left but at the same time meeting new people along the way. Perhaps this is the process of growing up in our adulthood which we have to go through and learn to accept what we have no control over.

Sorry for those whom I may have hurt. I got a little bit too hurt over this period by some people. My trust towards them has been taken away bit by bit and some of the sucky environments I have gone through. But from them, I get to learn to find my very own self and knowing what is right for me, knowing I am never alone with the people I had and also appreciating them much more. I walked out the dark side and became a stronger me. But still, choose to forgive and let go to be a happier person. Understand that those who have hurt you are maybe struggling with a hard time which we may not know and unintentionally pushes us away. Maybe we are just not meant to be in each other life forever, but just part of it crossing one another path at a point of time only. At some point in time, the environment may have changed us and we became toxic to one another without us even realising. Everyone has unspoken baggage which we can never know, sometimes there is just really no reason that will be realised even till the end.

My biggest blessing in life is definitely having all the awesome people around me. Thankful to have the ones which have been through with me during this hard time. Appreciate all for being there for me when I needed. Letting me know it is okay to not be okay. Loving me as who I am. To feel what I feel is being human. Thankful to have met those who make me believe that I can show them how I can truly feel, my emotions and not being judged. Those that you can put off your strong mask and accepting your vulnerability. Those that prove that there are nice and kind people to be with.

Still, continue to choose in believing the good in others. Those that matters will stay and those who want to leave just let them be. People come and go, it’s the memories that will be remembered and just live and enjoy every moment. As much as I can, my biggest birthday wish is to be able to spread kindness and joy to make people be happier in this not so happy world.

Embrace, love and smile 🙂


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